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The City of Lüneburg

The City of Lüneburg is a city in Lower Saxony, located about 60km southeast of Hamburg. It has a population of about 70.000 inhabitants, which is growing by about 2000 people every year.


In medieval times, Lüneburg was a remarkably rich city due to salt production and salt trade. The salt was won from salterns, which sorrounded the city and then further processed in salt production plants. The salt production was shut down in 1980. Today, the salt production plant has been converted into a museum. For more information see:


Lüneburg has preserved much of its historic heritage. It has a well preserved historic quarter, which definitely is worth a visit. Apart from that, there is the Old Fish Market the so-called "Stintmarkt". Located there is an old crane, which is one of the symbols of Lüneburg and a memory of previous economic activity. Today, the "Stintmarkt" is known for its pubs and cafes, which are not only frequented by tourists, but also are a very popular meeting place for the students.

The "Stintmarkt" is called after the Stint, a herring like fish that is a specialty of the region. At the moment, there can be found models of that fish throughout the city, each one of them crafted in an individual design.

Anyone who would like to get an overview of the city, a visit to the Wasserturm is recommended. It once held the water resources of the city and has been turned into a museum. For more information see.
Everyone who can´t wait to geht a look at the city can also find images of a webcam there.

For more information on Sightseeing and a city map see:

For more Information see the official City-Website.

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