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EnviroInfo 2008 conference

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Friday, September 12 Morning
Paper Session 3.1 – 9.45 - 11.15
WS - ICT for risk, health and disaster management
Chair: Alberto Susini, Horst Kremers
Environmental Management Information Systeme (EMIS)
Chair: Lorenz Hilty
Tools and Databases
Chair: Ralf Kramer
WS - Open Source in the field of Environmental Informatics
Chair: Michael Haase, Volker Wohlgemuth
Assessment of Aircraft Accident Probability on Industrial Facilities by means of GIS Risk-Register, the Examples of Geneva, „Geneva Risk“

Alberto Susini, Christian Hürzeler, Andreas Schönenberger, Alexandre Massot, Hartmut Fricke, Norbert Gronak, Christoph Thiel, Daniel Fiedler
Development of the Water Information System Austria

Stephan Nemetz
Database of Measures Supporting Creation of Management Plan and Programme of Measures for Implementing Water Framework Directive

Friedhelm Hosenfeld, Dirk Behrens, Marcus Lempert, Andreas Rinker, Michael Trepel, Angelika Steingräber
An Open Source Based Application Framework as a Platform for the Development of Environmental Management Information Systems (EMPORER)

Volker Wohlgemuth, Tobias Schnackenbeck, Dominik Panic
Towards an Information System for Early Warning of Landslides

Wassilios Kazakos, Martin Breunig, Björn Broscheit, Wolfgang Reinhardt, Eva Ortlieb, Stephan Mäs, Conrad Boley, Franz-Xaver Trauner, Joachim Wiesel, Daniela Richter, Andreas Abecker, Dominik Gallus, Andreas Bartels
Topic Map Based Indicator System for Environmental Management Systems

Henner Graubitz, Hans-Knud Arndt, Stephan Jacob
Database System of Environmental Monitoring in the Czech Republic

Jaroslav Ráček, Tomáš Ludík, Jana Sedláčková
A Plugin-Based Framework for Domain Models and Persistence in Environmental Information Systems

Nicolas Denz, Thorsten Busse, Bernd Page

Interoperable Routing Services in the Context of Evacuation Schemes due to Urban Flooding

Michael Haase, Alexander Zipf, Pascal Neis, Vinicius de Camargo

Agent Negotiation Using Online Legal Advice

Antje Dietrich
Environmental Monitoring Based On
Wireless Sensor Actors Networks

João Carneiro
Business Models for Open Source Projects in Environmental Informatics

Andreas Ciroth
Translating Research to Practice: Motivating the Reduction of Occupational Safety and Health Risks

Frank Hearl
Adaptation Planning Framework to Climate Change for the Urban Environment in Ho Chi Minh City

Harry Storch
Odyssey to Kalypso – Experiences with setting up an Open Source Platform for Environmental Modeling

Michael Haase, Gernot Belger, Kaj Lippert
Paper Session 3.2 – 11.30 - 13.00
WS - ICT for risk, health and disaster management
Chair: Alberto Susini, Horst Kremers
Environmental Management Information Systeme (EMIS)
Chair: Martina Prox
Tools and Databases
Chair: Nguyen Xuan Thinh
Environmental Health, Consumer Protection and Quality of Life
Chair: Kristina Voigt
REACh – Workflows and Software Tools for the Process of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of European Chemicals

Gerlinde Knetsch
Decision Theory Based Monitoring Design for Ecosystems

Bernhard Luther, Albrecht Gnauck
Improving an Environmental Ontology by Incorporating User-Input

Bettina Bauer-Messmer, Thomas Scharrenbach, Rolf Grütter
PYHASSE a New Software Tool for Partially Ordered Sets Example: Ranking of Contaminated Regions in the Alps

Kristina Voigt, Rainer Brüggemann, Karl-Werner Schramm, Manfred Kirchner
Sharing Environmental Information for Flood Risk Communication

Charlotte Kaempf
The Prospects of Product Carbon Footprints in ERP Systems

Peter Niemeyer, Burkard Funk, Andreas Moeller
Process and Ontology Based Data Integration

Bernhard Volz
Mining Data from Wastewater Treatment Plants

David Jérôme Dürrenmatt, Willi Gujer
Informatics of Risk Assessment and Economics: Putting it all Together in Health and Safety Decision Making

Cristina McLaughlin
On Δ S - Situation and its Change in Environmental Information

Horst Kremers
Pretreatment of Environmental Data for Forecasting Purposes

Peter Göbel, Uwe Rueppel
Information Tools for Supporting Implementation of Integrated Waste Management System in the Framework of the Czech Republic

Michal Hejč, Zdeněk Horsák, Jiří Hřebíček